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We're always available for appliance repair jobs. Our team features many specialists with extensive experience working on all types of freezers. From chest and upright home models to commercial freezer units, no appliance is too tough for us to fix.

We service and repair freezers across the Boston MA region. If you live around here and need immediate repair assistance - give us a call and we'll get you sorted. Many of our repairs are either same or next day; let us know your availability and we'll accommodate it.

What makes a freezer stop working and produce a clicking noise? An appliance repair technician will typically check the start relay first. This part sends power to your freezer’s compressor. If the relay is defective the freezer will work intermittently or not at all. The best way to troubleshoot a failing start relay in a freezer is to check for continuity. If none, or if a burnt odor is noticed, the relay will need to be replaced. Another possible cause is a malfunction of the compressor. This part is responsible for compressing and delivering refrigerant to evaporator and condenser coils. If you check for continuity with a multimeter on the compressor pins, you want a closed-circuit reading. Otherwise, the compressor will need to be replaced to get your freezer working properly again.

Save yourself the stress and get a Boston MA based freezer repair specialist to help with your repair needs. We're on call when you need us the most. Any freezer, whichever brand and whatever problem - one of our freezer specialist repair techs have you covered.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Appliance maintenance is always important. If you're a business owner with commercial units, this statement is even more true. For commercial freezers, in particular, upholding a certain maintenance standard is crucial for both longevity of the unit and adequate storage performance of the food. Besides making sure it stays clean and items are stored properly, we recommend you clean the fan blades often. An appliance repair company should also come service your units once or twice a year to make sure the electrical and mechanical parts under the hood are in good shape.


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