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Wonder what the most common problems are that range owners face? A power loss could occur in a commercial range for a few different reasons. The most obvious would be if the machine was accidentally unplugged for any reason. This is very uncommon but always worth checking if there is no power to it at all. Next, the circuit breaker could have tripped, or the fuse could have blown. If this isn’t the issue either, try a similar appliance with the same outlet and see if there is an issue - if so, chances are the electrical outlet is faulty.

You'll be satisfied by your choice to work with us. One of our repair techs can quickly see to it that your appliance is diagnosed and fixed. Don't wait around for an unreliable repair tech to come to your place. Schedule an appointment now with a our Boston stove repair specialist and have your repair job done the right way.

The process begins with a simple phone call. Reach us at (617) 415-7050 to arrange a time for one of our appliance repair techs to visit your home or place of business. We'll work around your availability to make sure your repair is speedily completed. We're also free to connect with any businesses that wish to enlist a reliable repair company as their on-call solution for any of their maintenance or repair needs.

Without a doubt, you will be left satisfied. Give us a call and see!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Grease accumulation in stove burners should be dealt with before the buildup gets too extreme. You must consider your stovetop surface before deciding what cleaner is best. Glass surfaces respond well to vinegar and baking soda - burnt matter can be scraped off with a sharp razor blade if you cover it with a cloth. Traditional stovetop burners and their underplates can be taken out and simply soaked with hot water and soap in the sink for a few hours. If you are really worried about what type of cleaner to use - get a specialty cleaner instead.


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