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Are you seeking washer repair help in or around the Boston MA area?

We can assist you with your pesky appliance troubles. It's our day job after all, our team has many generations worth of skilled repair professionals on board. We work on all brands of washing machines including names like Admiral, Amana, Electrolux, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Maytag and many others. We've performed maintenance and repairs on washers new and old, front and top-loaders, commercial coin-operated units, etc. No washer is too tough for our team to fix!

The complicated part of any appliance repair is obtaining the replacement parts. We have local suppliers with a diverse catalog of replacement washer parts. We also carry various universal washer parts that might come in handy for your repair needs. In these cases, we save the store trip and there's no waiting around to finish off the repair. We could be out the door with your appliance working fine within the hour. This happens often, we swear. Our repair techs are ready to come to the rescue. We're just waiting to hear the phone ring and schedule a time for us to visit you. Whenever it's most convenient, we will help - we frequently have same-day availability for the most urgent repairs.

The process is simple. We come inspect your appliance. We figure out what needs to be done to bring the machine back to working order. You receive a quote for this repair. The amount you get charged is the total cost of all parts and labor provided. We practice the fairest pricing model in the industry and maintain a solid reputation with our Boston MA based clientele.

Call (617) 415-7050 and book your appointment with a washer repair specialist today!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Ever see a bit of suds from your laundry soap sitting on your clothing once you take it out of the washer? This residue should remove itself after the clothes are rinsed and the water is drained. If this happens to you, the problem has to do with a defect in the machine's rinse function. It's possible that the rinse isn't happening at all or fails intermittently. Otherwise, it might be a problem that occurs at the end of the rinse cycle when the water attempts to drain - such as a clog or leak in the drain hose.


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